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Herb Extract

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Product Name: Herb Extract
Supply Ability: 600ton
Specifications Premix
Price Term:
Port of loading: QINGDAO PORT
Minimum Order 1000kgs
Unit Price:
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Eucommia Ulmoides P.E.
The active ingredient:
Chlorogenic acid: 5%min. Polysaccharide: 20%min. Flavonoid: 8% min.
Usage and dosage:
¢ñAquatic animals ( fishes: 100¡ª150g/t; shrimp and crustaceans: 200¡ª300g/t)
1. Replace the antibiotics, increase the survival rate, and decrease the water pollution.
2. Eliminate the free radical and endotoxin, enhance the anti-stress and decrease the death rate during the transportation.
¢ò Poultry (broiler, meat duck): 100¡ª150g/t
1. Broad spectrum bacteriostasis (especially the Gram-positive bacteria), improve the growth, promote the production performance, the feed conversation rate can be increased 4¡ª8%.
2. Eliminate the free radical, strengthen the antioxidant of body, and enhance the immunity.
¢ó Suckling pig and piglet: 400¡ª500g/t
1. Replace the antibiotics, especially G+ Baecteria resistance.
2. Promote the body oxidation resistance, decrease the injury of Oxidative stress to digestive tract and respiratory tract, enhance the immunity.

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